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Dorcas released her debut album 'Vice Versa' that politically explores realms of consciousness.

Having been commissioned by SLATE she launched the album through a performance art piece at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool in September 2018.

Development work also included the launch of the community project #MicWorthy which saw young people from Liverpool come together to discuss problems within society, create and perform pieces from the discussions.

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It’s her abilities as a performer that really convince. Already given a glimpse of her vision

through the ever-changing graphics projected onto three walls of the theatre,Seb also makes

full use of the space to use dance as another entry point into her message. Seeing the colours and shapes gives her story a physical presence; they accompany a set of songs that take inspiration from myriad genres, from the disco-inspired drive of Feel The Music to the RnB vibes of Ice Cream. You sense that Seb has let the narrative lead the way, making decisions based on what the lyrics require to best convey the story. Her gorgeous voice, sweet and emphatic, brings it together. - Bido Lito


Vice Versa, 2018

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