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Would you disrupt the system to cause an awakening?


Xella loves to question things and enjoys working for the Welt.exe state. 


Xella thinks she is happy until one day a disrupted dream simulation offers her a way towards freedom.


Join Xella on a faith-filled journey towards enlightenment.


Dorcas Seb is joined by a brilliant team of creatives who provide thrilling projection, atmospheric surround sound design, and contemporary choreography to enhance the storytelling where performance-art meets theatre.

Commissioned by Eclipse Theatre and HOME as part of the Slate: Black. Arts. World project in 2018/19, with development support from Unity Theatre. Funded by Arts Council England.


Available online untiL THE 31st October 2022


Vice Versa will be available to watch on Unity Online until the 31st October 2022.

Watch this film for £6: You can watch the show through Vimeo for just £6, by clicking the Watch Now button.

Once you have purchased your individual film you will be able to watch it as many times as you like in the three-month watch period.

Watch the whole playlist for just £25: Unity Online will drop a new playlist of  at least 6 productions every three months (August, November, February & May).

You can watch each production individually for £6, or save money by purchasing all films in the drop for just £25.

Watch everything for free as a Unity Member: Unity Circle Members receive access to each playlist drop for free as part of their membership. 

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 It’s her abilities as a performer that really convince. Already given a glimpse of her vision through the ever-changing graphics projected onto three walls of the theatre, Seb also makes full use of the space to use dance as another entry point into her message. Seeing the colours and shapes gives her story a physical presence; they accompany a set of songs that take inspiration from myriad genres, from the disco-inspired drive of Feel The Music to the RnB vibes of Ice Cream. You sense that Seb has let the narrative lead the way, making decisions based on what  the lyrics require to best convey the story. Her gorgeous voice, sweet and emphatic, brings it together.  

 - Bido Lito, Vice Versa 2018 R&D 

2018 R&D Sharing:


Facilitated by Blue Saint

Delve deeper into the themes of Vice Versa in this exciting new performance workshop facilitated by Congolese and British rapper, singer-songwriter, spoken word poet, actor, producer, and designer Blue Saint.


Through use of storytelling and spoken word poetry the workshop will explore the concept of purpose and life. What do people live for? What does it mean to live? Why is having a voice important? And how can one use their voice to enact change?

You will examine these questions and concepts as a way to create thoughtful art, feel empowered and stimulate great conversation.

Free - Pay What You Decide

HOME Manchester - 1st July, 5pm

Unity Theatre Liverpool - 2nd July, 12pm

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