Dorcas Sebuyange is a Congolese Multi-Disciplinary Artist based in Liverpool. She specialises in drama, music, poetry and dance and has participated in these art forms for several years. 



Starting at the age of 10 as a poet and spoken word artist with Writing On the Wall’s Liverpool Young Writers, Dorcas then on began to also perform music through rap and song, supporting the likes of Akala, Lady Leshurr, Yasmin, Sway, Bashy, Lowkey, Cherri V, Mz. Bratt and became a BeMOBO award nominee at the age of 13. 

As an actor she has trained with Eclipse Theatre, 20 Stories High, Frantic Assembly, PurpleCoat Productions and Collective Encounters. As well as working with theatre groups she has trained academically in Musical Theatre at the Liverpool Media Academy and graduated from a Higher National Certificate course in Acting at the City of Liverpool College.

Her professional involvement in dance has been through participating as a crew member in the triple award winning street dance crew, Ignite, where she danced at competitions hosted by the University of Liverpool, University of Manchester and Nottingham’s well known event, ‘Go Hard or Go Home’. She has also trained with WAC Arts and Catalyst Performing Arts in music and dance.